White Collar Crime Lawyers

The firm has defended persons and companies charged with federal crimes for decades, with outstanding results. We have handled political/judicial corruption cases, cases involving alleged bribery of federal, state and local officials and contractors — including US Military contractors — as well as the IRS criminal charges (tax evasion, tax fraud) often brought with such cases. We have successfully defended many bank fraud, wire fraud, and employment related federal crimes, even in cases involving tens of millions of dollars.

The firm will put evidence together in your defense, and fully scrutinize and attack the evidence arrayed against you. We have worked closely with forensic accounting experts in defending financial crimes, forensic computer experts in all types of cases, and medical experts. We believe in an aggressive and active defense protocol.

We have also successfully defended

  • alleged child pornography cases, in both state and federal court
  • alleged drug dealers in sweeping federal drug-trafficking indictments
  • financial crimes (money laundering, structuring, tax fraud and tax evasion)

We have represented medical professionals targeted by federal law enforcement, for allegations of

  • Medicare fraud
  • Medicaid fraud
  • Insurance fraud
  • Improper prescribing of medications

These same issues — and many others — often arise in state medical board administrative proceedings, and we have experience in those cases as well. State medical boards often provoke hearings for professionals involved in substance abuse situations, and our former clients have achieved excellent results with our help. Medical professionals should know that the time to contact our firm is immediately upon receipt of any regulatory inquiry (such as a federal or state “request for information or records” or a medical board complaint), as that is often the first sign that legal problems are on the way. We have also successfully defended many medical malpractice cases. Just as with the practice of medicine, early intervention by your legal professional is a key to a better outcome.

Whether it is your intention to gear up for trial and fight these charges all the way, or to simply do damage control and ameliorate a troubling situation, we have the experience to drive your case in whatever fashion you desire. Just remember, early intervention is key, so contact our firm as soon as there is any indication of trouble brewing.

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