Motorcycle Accidents

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Riding your motorcycle on Louisiana’s roadways can be a wonderful experience. But, not all drivers are alert and careful. When other drivers are distracted or impaired, a wonderful bike ride could quickly turn tragic, resulting in injuries, medical bills and loss of income. If you or a passenger have been hurt in a motorcycle accident, you need a law firm that is experienced in personal injury and accident cases.

What should I do if I get into an accident while riding my motorcycle?

If you or your passengers have suffered injuries as a result of being struck by a car or other vehicle while riding your motorcycly, it’s important that you follow these steps:

  1. Call the police and make sure they file an accurate accident report listing all people involved.
  2. Go to a hospital, doctor’s office or clinic and seek medical attention as soon as possible. Although your injuries may not feel serious at the time of the accident, some injuries don’t manifest fully for several days or longer.
  3. Take accident scene photos if possible, including close-ups showing the condition of your motorcycle and its position relative to the surroundings.
  4. Get the other driver’s name and insurance information. Take photos of the vehicles involved including license plates.
  5. Get the names and contact information from any witnesses to the crash.
  6. Contact the Mumphrey Zelaya Law Firm as soon as possible.

Why should I call a lawyer?

Motorcycle accidents can result in catastrophic injuries and you will need an experienced motorcycle crash attorney to represent you. The Mumphrey Zelaya Law Firm has handled accident cases in the New Orleans area for over 40 years and we can help you get all of the compensation you deserve.

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